credenza definition stands for cabinet-style piece of furniture that is typically used in a dining room and also referred as sid-board or a buffet

How do you define Credenza?

 A credenza is a dining room sideboard, notably one wherever a central cabinet is flanked by glass display cabinets, and sometimes created of burnished and polished wood and embellished with marquetry. the highest would typically be fabricated from marble, or another ornamental liquid- and heat-resistant stone.

However, in modern usage, a credenza is the term applied to a sideboard or a “closed cabinet for papers, office supplies, etc., often of desk height and matching the other furniture in an executive’s office.”

A credenza has a long flat top and lots of storage space below. Sometimes a hutch is added to the top of the credenza to give it additional space and functionality.

Roots of Credenza

The term credenza originates from the Latin word "credentia" meaning conviction or trust. This is a similar root that gives us validity, credit, and credence. This deduction may appear to be odd until we take a gander at the first motivation behind the credenza. In the sixteenth century, the demonstration of the credenza was the tasting of food and beverages by a worker to test for poison. Later the term was utilized for the room in which this tasting occurred and afterwards to the furniture that held the food to be tasted. As a household item, the first credenza was essentially a harsh table hung with a bit of material. This table took a real structural structure with legs and improvements someplace in the mid-fourteenth century. 

modern mid century credenza

Hundreds of years after the fact, the credenza or sideboard turned out to be all the more structurally modern and the term came to be applied to any household item used to show, or store things a specific room.

Credenza Vs Sideboard

A sideboard is like a credenza, with its long shape, low profile, and sufficient extra room. In contrast to a credenza, sideboards normally have cupboards that stretch out to the floor and can accompany pens that include extra space for showing fine china or other brightening pieces. They are usually positioned in parlours, lounge areas, or lobbies.

Credenza Vs Buffet

A buffet is frequently found as part of a dining room set while the term credenza would more likely be applied to a similar piece of furniture found in an office setting. The primary distinctive nature of a smorgasbord is that they ordinarily have longer legs, and are taller than bookshelves or sideboards. Smorgasbords give a moderate measure of capacity and are extraordinary for spreading out nourishment for buffet-style feasting (bodes well, right?).

Multiple benefits of a Credenza

The unique structure of Credenza allows it to be used both at home and at the office. I have listed below how credenza makes your home or office smarter!

Credenza In Office

  • Not exclusively is the credenza delightful and valuable to have at home, it likewise does ponders in an office. 
  • Added to the side of a work area, a credenza offers extra workspace and capacity for the bustling representative or chief.
  • Format reports and presents for simple access on a credenza advantageously arranged against the divider in the meeting room.
  • Keep the leader workplaces away from papers and office things with a credenza. Put a light, photographs of the children, or other individual beautifications on the top and sort out and store reports underneath. 
  • A credenza can be helpful in the front holding up a territory of a business, offering a spot to put and store magazines while simultaneously adding poise and class to the room.

Credenza in Home

  • With clean lines, a level surface zone, and simple situation against a divider, the bookshelf makes a breathtaking TV stand. The copious stockpiling on the base can be utilized to house your DVD assortment and those muddled controllers. 
  • Set out or show your best china on a credenza in the morning meal alcove or lounge area. 
  • Hosting a gathering? Set out food and beverages on the credenza. Plates, utensils and napkins put away in the bookshelf's different drawers and cupboards are promptly accessible to the hosts and visitors without having to continually go into the kitchen. 
  • A credenza is an extraordinary household item to have in an enormous lobby or door. Spot occasional beautifications or blossoms on top and utilize the base for putting away those things that consistently appear to lie about, sitting tight for a home. 
  • In the front room or study, a credenza can be utilized as a spot to set out your sound framework. If you despite everything have records, tapes, or CDs, the base cupboards make an ideal spot to store and arrange your chronicles. 
  • With a level surface on top for setting out toys or games right now being used and loads of capacity underneath to hide the messier things that will, in general, discover their way to a vigorously utilized room, a credenza is an awesome expansion to a family room or den. 

There are bounty more advantages and uses for having this brilliant household item in your home.

How do you guys use credenza, in-home or office? Please let us know in the comments!

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